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Australian Peanut Growers and Processors

Crumpton Interstate is a family owned business based in the heart of Australia’s finest peanut growing area, Kingaroy in the South Burnett region of south eastern Queensland.

The business is a one stop shop for all things peanuts.

The Crumpton family not only grow their own peanuts but also operate a commercial peanut processing plant from which they sell wholesale and retail peanut products, making them Australia’s only complete-supply-chain peanut company.

The range of peanut products on offer is vast and includes everything from raw peanuts to refined peanut products such as peanut cooking oil, roasted peanuts and blanched peanuts.

Whether you are simply interested in learning more about the process of peanut production or have a business interest, be that buying or selling peanuts, you are sure to find the information you need right here!


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