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Today the Crumpton family are fourth generation peanut producers with brother’s Sonie and Darren pushing ahead in the competitive industry.

Like any great family business the Crumptons’ have been many years in the making with strong ties to the peanut industry tracing back on both sides of the family.

Just like the generations before them, Sonie and Darren continue to forge ahead having always had a keen interest in farming and processing.

The future looks bright for Crumpton Interstate with the fifth generation of Crumpton’s already showing a keen interest in the family business.

Our Story


Sonie and Darren’s mother Joan can trace her family’s interest in the peanut industry back to the early 1900’s when her grandfather selected land in the Home Creek region north of Kingaroy and began to grow peanuts. In these early times peanuts pulled from the ground by hand and processed using stationary thrashing machines.

Joan’s Grandfathers farming enterprise continued for many years to come with techniques and knowledge being handed down through the generations. It is a similar story for Sonie and Darren’s father John Crumpton who worked closely with his father Glyn Crumpton to build the foundations for what is now Australia’s leading peanut business, Crumpton Interstate.

Glyn Crumpton up in Benarkin, to the south of Kingaroy and became a timber pioneer of the region alongside his brother. This partnership continued for a number of years before the men went their separate ways when Glyn married Olga and started his own family, having two sons John and Robert.

It was at this time Glyn moved to the Memerambi area, north of Kingaroy, where he purchased the Memerambi Store which later burnt down. After the loss of his store, Glyn started share farming peanuts and over time saved enough money to purchase his first farm on Booie-Crawford Road near Kingaroy.

When John and Robbie finished school in the 1960’s the family continued farming more intensively by share farming other properties which allowed them to gather enough funds to buy more farms.

In the years that followed, the Crumpton family formed a partnership with Allan and June Ellwood starting a peanut shelling business based at Memerambi. However, once the peanut shelling factory which operated in the old Crawford railway building came up for sale, Glyn, John and Robbie made the decision to purchase the shelling plant and go out on their own.

As the business grew the Crumpton family along with Trevor and Anne Beutel and Howard and Betty Ebneter built the Kingaroy Blanching plant on the current site at Murphy’s Road, Crawford.

When the peanut industry went through a major period of change in 1990’s the Crumpton family made the decision to upgrade their shelling plant to meet the new industry standards at which point all operations were moved to Murphy’s Road.

Since then the plant has continued to grow to now be an industry leading peanut processing plant which includes cold storage, multiple silo’s and a research centre. Sonie and Darren have assisted their father John with the farms and factories during their school years before moving in to full-time positions within the business upon completing school.

Sadly the Crumpton family lost their patriarch Glyn in early 2013, however his work is carried on by his wife Olga, sons Robbie and John along with John’s wife Joan and their sons Darren and Sonie and their respective families.

Meet our team

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The Crumpton’s team is made up of both family members and staff to ensure the everyday smooth running of the farms and factories. The on farm staff are experienced in peanut growing techniques, while the factory staff are trained to the highest Australian standards of peanut processing. The team also incorporates an in house maintenance crew as well as experienced plant breeders and researchers.

John Crumpton
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John Crumpton has over 50 years of Australian peanut industry experience having started learning the art of growing peanuts from his father Glyn at a young age. John’s role is mainly focused on the finance and management of the Crumptons Group of Companies as well as applying his knowledge and experience to Crumptons farming operations.
Robbie Crumpton
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Robbie Crumpton has over 50 years of Australian peanut industry experience having started learning the art of growing peanuts from his father Glyn at a young age. His role within the business is focused on the running, management and development of Crumptons farming operations and interests. Robbie also oversees the family’s plantations of dubosia, a separate business entity of the Crumpton Family
Sonie Crumpton
Sonie CrumptonCEO
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Sonie Crumpton has 20 years of experience in the peanut industry, growing up with the family’s peanut business. He has a keen interest in the development and advancement of the Australian Peanut Industry. Sonie’s role within the business is managing production and operations at our peanut processing facilities. In recent years, Sonie has assisted in the design and overseen the building and implementation of a new shelling plant and a new grading plant. He has also overseen various upgrades to the Blanching Plant.
Darren Crumpton
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Darren Crumpton has 20 years of experience in the peanut industry, growing up with the family’s peanut business. He has an interest in the preservation and growth of the Australian peanut industry. Darren manages and oversees the intake aspect of the business. He controls and distributes the by- products ie peanut shell and the shell deliveries to customers. Darren has assisted in the design and installation of one of the most efficient receival systems in the industry including pre-cleaning and drying. Darren has managed and handled the logistics during the two biggest seasons Crumpton Interstate has handled.
Bob HarmanSales and Marketing
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Bob Harman has many years experience within the Peanut Industry. He has held a number of positions across the peanut industry during his career ranging from factory work, to on farm work. Bob’s role within the business utilises his experience in his current role of Sales and Marketing. He has the responsibility of selling the entire crop of peanuts from each season. Over this time Bob has successfully built a great rapport with the clientele with his knowledge of the industry. Bob travels to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on a monthly basis. He will travel to South Australia and Western Australia a couple of times per year as well as incorporate an annual overseas trip.

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