Quality Australian Peanuts

Nut in Shell

Nut in shell peanuts are peanuts in their natural form.

Raw Peanuts

Raw peanuts are peanut which have been shelled and graded but have not been through a cooking process.

Raw Blanched

Raw blanched peanuts are as above but with skin taken off and removed.


Our roasted peanuts are dry roasted in a large continuous belt roaster which is much like a commercial pizza oven.


During processing there are a number of peanut by-products produced - peanut shell and peanut oil.


There are 5 main sizes, as outlined below:

1. J's (wholes)

Jumbos are the larges whole peanut

2. 1's (wholes)

1’s are smaller than J’s but larger than 2’s

3. 2's (wholes)

2’s are smaller than 1’s but larger than 3’s

4. 3's (wholes)

smaller edible grades of peanuts

5. Splits (halves of peanuts)

Splits can be graded into large, medium and small

Peanut Products for Sale

All varieties are kept separate. Peanuts are graded to size using a screening process. Using different sized screens, the peanuts are separated into their different grades. The grades are then checked to a product count. The product count is how many kernels per 100grams determines their grade.

Raw peanuts are a completely natural product which have only had the shell removed and are popular with those people who are health conscious.

Some uses for Raw Product are: to be cooked with skin on for beer nuts, they can be sugar or chocolate coated, used in raw nut mixes, used as an ingredient in health bars and in general cooking i.e. biscuits or simply to be eaten on their own.

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